Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life -Over a Month Later

Much has happened since I last posted. And I do apologize, I was just so busy.

I graduated school. I now have a piece of paper that says that I know how to do what I did for a living. In order to get that piece of paper, I had to do a practicum. I was put at pretty much a prime spot with a great possibility of employment. After a week off and two interviews later, I was hired at my practicum placement! It's only a term position for the time being, and a rather short one at that. And it's very entry level. But I'm in. We are again a two income family. We can buy our house, I can get a new car. I can move up in the corporation.

We're good, we are finally good.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What Is With the Lack of Sleeping?

On numerous occasions in the past, I've lamented about the sleep habits of my darling little girl. About how she wakes up a hundred million times or she wakes up at unholy hours and all that nonsense. Well I had a reprieve. Her sleep got better. And I didn't even say anything about it for fear of angering the sleep gods.

Then it all went to crap. For no good reason! Well maybe it was a good reason as she was cutting molars. Of course this occurred during my mid-term frigging exams. Insert sigh here.

Then it got better again. Sure there was the occasional 4am wake-up but it was something that we just dealt with as it came up. She was getting up fine for daycare and napping well and going to bed easily. So we tried not to mess with a semi good thing.

Then we regressed...again. This time there is no good reason. There are no teeth coming in, she isn't sick, she isn't hungry because she can almost out eat me. She isn't cold because unlike our meat locker of a master bedroom, hers is warm. Plus she is in fleece jammies and has a mink like crib sheet that is so soft, warm and rather luxurious that I would get one for our bed if they made them in queen size. She.Is.Fine.

This translated into a week of utter disaster. Including the uber fun night where she screamed and carried on for nearly three hours despite both me and honey taking turns holding her and offering cuddles, water, milk and pretty much anything else that usually soothes the savage beast. She did finally end up falling asleep in my arms, likely from sheer exhaustion. I don't remember transferring her back into her crib although I'm sure we did. After some discussion and seeing how well she did with the late holiday nights, we moved back her bedtime an hour.

Then it got good again. Then this week started and trouble cropped up again.

So I write this now at 12:20am. Why am I still awake, much less sitting on the computer blogging this late on a Sunday? Because I expect that sometime in the next 40 minutes, she is going to squawk. She will stand up in her crib and whine until someone rescues her, I offer her a snack and then she is happy. Insert the sigh again.

So I wait. Really wish that I didn't have to.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

At Least She's Now Gone

Honey got a nasty phone call from his mother. She wanted him to drive a u-Haul truck for her to her new home. Needless to say he refused. And then he asked why his sister couldn't do it. Well I guess her and her new boyfriend will be driving his sister's SUV with a trailer attached and his mother will be driving her car. Why the boyfriend or his sister can't drive the u-Haul and the other drive the SUV we have no idea.

But anyway, after a whole big argument over the phone, he owes her money again, we are terrible people, etc, etc. He asked her about the money that she claimed she was going to give to the baby for her education. Well, because honey has a good job and I have a good job(she doesn't know I'm in school) we can pay for it ourselves. His sister doesn't have these things, she needs money more than we do. So their little fight? Definitely over. Odds are seeing as his mother does not need the proceeds for a new house, will be handing over a significant sum of money to his sister. Zebras don't change their stripes.

On my way to school yesterday I saw his sister's SUV with a small u-Haul trailer attached sitting in front of his mother's house. Today as the baby and I drove by on the way to the bank, it was gone.There was a bunch of garbage behind the garage, no tire tracks leaving the garage in the snow, and no visible furniture in the living room window.

She's gone.....God willing for good.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Garbage Day Redux

In the past I've mused about the lack of recycling on my street. I'm not sure why I expected Christmas to be any different. It ended up being worse than I possibly imagined.

In addition to the extra holiday waste, due to Christmas our trash collection day was pushed back. So it was closer to a week and a half worth of garbage versus just one week. While I'm happy to say that I had three overflowing recycling bins, I also had an overflowing 121L garbage can. Had we planned things a bit better I don't think it would have been overflowing, but we had thrown out the two florescent light bulbs from our kitchen that had died and they are both about three, maybe even four feet long. And then we had the ridiculous amount of styrofoam that the baby's new toy box was surrounded by. But when I compare my garbage to others, I don't feel quite so bad.

My neighbours to the left are a five person family. I quite expected the usual amount of garbage to double but I was pleased to see that it had not. It was the people to the left of them that nearly had my eyes popping out of my head.

They are a double income, no kids family. Both of them look to be late thirties to early fourties. I am generally annoyed with the woman anyway because she seems to feel the need to blast the radio of her frigging Buick Rendezvous, tuned to a horrible station in my opinion, as loud as it can possibly go. And she works shift work so she is coming and going at all hours of the day and night. I know this because I once talked to her at the superbox. For those of you that don't know, a superbox is a mailbox that the mail for numerous houses goes into. Each home has a key to their individual mailbox. There are probably close to twenty or thirty boxes in each. But I digress. Anyway, just because she is coming home at, oh I don't know, 1 or 2am, she STILL has the radio blasting at max. Seeing as she is to my left she has to drive right past my house. My bedroom is in the back of the house, probably at least eighty feet from the street and I can still make out the words to her terrible music. Very annoying!

I digressed further, sorry. The point to all this? A household with two adults, they had one recycling bin.....and SIX garbage bags! SIX! It would take my family around two months to get to six garbage bags and that is with a small child in diapers and cats. Words don't quite adequately express my shock.

And we wonder why we are swimming in garbage.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some More Confirmation

A few months back I talked about an interesting conversation that honey had with his grandfather's second ex wife. Honey's sister was getting a divorce and was with a new guy, his mother was with a new guy and was selling her house etc etc.We had some confirmation of the information she provided when I saw the for sale sign.

We discovered that his mother has had a house guest for the holidays. The vehicle matches what she said her new man drove and the plate is from where he is from. As such we assumed it was her boyfriend. Makes sense that they would spend Christmas together. On our way home from my aunt's house on Christmas Eve, we saw a new vehicle behind her garage. It was a truck, we couldn't tell the make, but one of her garage doors was open and we could see numerous people standing around. We assumed that it was his sister taking as much of the furniture as she wanted seeing as we declined it all. We were a bit surprised that his mother never called him over Christmas, even though he told her not to bother as he was "working overtime", she generally doesn't listen to him.

Yesterday I noticed that her boyfriend's car was still there. We had sort of thought that he would have gone home by now. Then honey went to visit his cousin but on his way they saw the truck behind his mother's garage again. This time he decided to play stalker/detective with his cousin. Sitting in his cousin's rather plain and inconspicuous car in the convenience store parking lot across the street from his mother's house, they watched as a group of people tried to load a fridge and a washer and dryer into this truck.

Again working on assumptions, he identified the men who he believed to be his mother and sisters' new boyfriends. Although I guess it's not that hard to do when there is only one older man and his sister was hanging off another. But there were two other younger people, one guy who left in the truck with his sister's new man, and a girl who hung around with her. From my Facebook stalking we are guessing that they were her boyfriend's younger brother and his sister.

What does all of this mean? Well, potentially that his mother lied to him. She told him that she wanted little to do with his sister as she didn't approve of how she ended her relationship because she cheated, particularly because she was still dating and living with the guy with whom she had been caught with. She also didn't approve of the fact that she had given up(as per usual) on her hair stylist dreams and had gone back to working at a car rental place. His mother had spent a ton of money on her school and it was pretty much pissed away. And then there was the fact that after all these years, his mother had finally realized that her daughter treats her like her own personal ATM and had made her over pay for TV's and other electronics and had basically paid twice for her car. But here they were, standing around, laughing and joking, very buddy buddy. Could she be faking? Sure. Do we think she was faking? No.

Second, we think that his mother's boyfriend is still around because the two of them are going back together. Between us driving by on Christmas Eve and what honey witnessed yesterday, his mother doesn't have much left in the way of furniture. Her house is now sold and apparently the possession date is in a few short weeks. If all the paperwork is signed and she has given all her stuff away, what is keeping her here?

The sooner she moves the better. The Christmas gifts really got under honey's skin. They are all out of our house now, but I know it bothers him that she did it. I really can't wait until she is out of our lives and can't bother us anymore.